Сomplex of equipment for the complete machining of car axles


The complex of equipment for the complete machining of wagon axles consists of a pre-linear, band-saw complex, an automatic line for turning and hole processing, an automatic line for rolling and grinding. The second line includes a complex for non-destructive testing of machined axles. The composition of the equipment ensures compliance with the standard technological process for processing car axles.


Operations performed:

  • segment of end profits;
  • milling end faces, centering, drilling driving holes;
  • rough full length turning;
  • finishing end milling, fixing center holes;
  • machining face threaded holes;
  • axle knurling;
  • grinding of necks and pre-hubs;
  • output dimensional geometric ultrasonic and magnetic particle testing.

Depending on the required annual production program from 16,000 to 26,000 axles, the number of special osset lathes of the complex varies.

The layout of the complex may vary depending on the specific workshop layout. The nominal width of the span is 24 m.

The removal of chips and spent coolant is carried out to the workshop system for supplying and cleaning coolant.  If the Customer does not have such devices, the complex is provided with an autonomous system manufactured by the Supplier and is supplied with the line.

Technical specifications:

Installed capacity

up to 1226 kW


до 359 000 kg


до 67 000 mm


17 700 mm


2 300 mm

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