Open Joint Stock Company "Institute of Belorgstankinprom" has many years of experience in the creation, development and implementation at enterprises and organizations of the Republic of Belarus and CIS countries of modern and competitive software products for complex automation of technological preparation of machining production.

We offer:


  • examination of the technical condition and inspection of metalworking equipment with the issuance of an independent examination certificate (for write-off, overhaul);
  • development of modern technological processes;
  • performing a set of mandatory works to justify the need for the purchase of imported equipment;
  • conducting patent research;

  • development of technological projects of production sites, workshops;
  • development of modernization projects and comprehensive supply of equipment;
  • development of environmental passports of enterprises;
  • environmental expertise of projects and development of environmental documentation;


  • development of instructions of enterprises:
    • on the organization of industrial environmental control;
    • on the management of industrial waste;
  • development of the enterprise standard for the environmental protection management system (ISO 1400);
  • development of technical recommendations and instructions on labor protection;

  • development of technical instructions for the transportation and movement of parts and safety instructions;
  • provision of services to organizations for information support and rational placement of orders for repairs and modernization of equipment at machine-tool and specialized enterprises of the Republic of Belarus, if necessary, their services for the organization of these works are offered;
  • supply and adaptation to the conditions of enterprises of computer-aided design systems for automation of technological preparation of production;
  • development of new specialized CAD systems for technological preparation of production under the conditions of the customer; organization and support of exhibition events in the Republic of Belarus and CIS countries.

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