Special CNC machine SM2183F3


Special CNC machine mod. Designed for milling ends and centering of shafts and gears.

Technical specifications:


shafts, gear

Operations in progress

end milling, center hole drilling, chamfer boring

Cycle time

1.4 min. 2.45max min

Number of spindles

4 things.

Spindle revolutions:

- milling

from 40 to 135

- boring

from 40 to 124


- travel length of horizontal tables

590 mm.

- stroke length of the vertical table

550 mm.

- speed of accelerated movements of horizontal tables

8 m/min

- speed of accelerated movements of the vertical table

8 m/min

Number of workpieces per cycle

1 thing.

Performance (at 100% usage)

42.85max; 24.98min pcs/hour

Service life until the first overhaul

12 years

Resource for accuracy to the first medium repair

11 thousand hour

Technical utilization factor

0.88 kti

Total utilization factor (design)

0,8 Ко

Loading - unloading method

manually up to 8 kg, over - by means of the Customer

Workpiece clamp


Chip cleaning method

flush to the sump, then conveyor to the box

Coolant consumption

100 l/min

Number of electric motors

17 things.

Installed capacity

70 кВт

Control system

programmable controller, CNC

Noise characteristics do not exceed

80 dBA


25 000 kg


5610 mm


4000 mm


4090 mm

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