Machine-inverter mod. 1V640F3


Machine-inverter mod. 1V640F3 is designed for external and internal turning of parts such as bodies of revolution. On the machine processing by the rotating tool (drills, taps, mills) is possible. The machine will find application in small-scale and serial metalworking production.

The machine has a vertical layout and consists of the following main units: base, portal support, spindle head, turret, measuring device, loading conveyor, step conveyor, unloading conveyor. The headstock includes a motor-spindle, a body, a chuck, a clamp cylinder. The motor spindle is located with the front end with the chuck down and is built into the body, which moves vertically along the guides on the portal support (z-axis). The portal support moves horizontally (x-axis) along the guides on the base. The tool is housed in a 12 position turret. The tool can be either stationary (cutters) or rotating (drills, taps, cutters). The processing area is closed by a fence with an electric interlock for opening the doors. The chips, together with the coolant, enter the chip conveyor with a receiving branch located in the tunnel at the bottom of the base and are taken out to the back side of the machine. Coolant enters the processing zone from the pump on the chip conveyor.

Technical specifications:

Machine accuracy class according to GOST 8-82


The largest diameter of the installed workpiece

400 mm.

The largest processing diameter

320 mm.

Maximum workpiece height

150 mm.

Flanged spindle end


Spindle speed

0…2000 rpm

Motor power

26.17 kW

Workpiece clamp


Loading the workpiece into the chuck


Installed chuck diameter

315 mm.

Maximum torque on the spindle

255 Nm

Maximum workpiece weight

120 kg.

The maximum movement of the caliper along the "X" axis

850 mm.

The maximum movement of the headstock along the "Z" axis

380 mm.

The speed of fast movements of the caliper (spindle with the part) along the "X" axis

60 m/min

The speed of fast movements of the caliper (spindle with the part) along the "Z" axis

30 m/min

Maximum tractive effort along the «X» and «Z» axes

11 kN

Number of 12-station turrets

1 pcs.

Number of driven tool positions

12 pcs.

Tool block cylindrical shank diameter with clamping system VDI 40 according to DIN69880

40 mm.

The speed of movement of the workpiece along the stepping conveyor

25 m/min

The speed of movement of the workpiece on the roller table

3 m/min

CNC device and drive



- kg


- mm


- mm


- mm

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