Multi-purpose horizontal lathe with CNC MS1763F3


Model MC1763F3 is a multi-purpose horizontal lathe with numerical control.

The machine implements technological processes for the complex processing of parts such as bodies of revolution, i.e. it is difficult to perform turning, milling, drilling and threading operations with minimal energy consumption from a single installation on a part.

The basic assembly unit, on which all other units are mounted, is a bed – a horizontal cast iron rigid box-shaped body, on an inclined plane of which two roller guides for the cross support are mounted, and below – two sliding guides for the tailstock and steady rest. On the left end, a gearbox with an electric motor of the main movement is mounted, and on the right end, a horizontal feed drive of the cross caliper.

The machine is equipped with a 12-position DUPLOMATIC electro-hydraulic turret with a rotating tool.

When processing long shafts, only the rear center is not enough, but additional support is required, the role of which is performed by the SMW-AUTOBLOK hydraulic steady rest.

For high-precision adjustment of the cutting tool before starting work and wear control during processing, a precision motorized arm from RENISHAW is installed.

To remove chips from the processing area into the Customer’s container, a lamellar chip conveyor is used. An integral part of the conveyor is a tank with a cooling emulsion and a pump.

The machine is provided with a cabinet fence that closes the cutting area and protects against splashing of the emulsion and scattering of chips. All guides of the machine are covered with telescopic protection.

Technical specifications:

Machine accuracy class according to GOST 8


The largest diameter of the part installed above the bed

700 mm.

Workpiece diameter (above bed)

630 mm.

Workpiece diameter (above caliper)

480 mm.

The greatest length of the installed part in the centers

3000 mm.

Number of spindles

1 pcs.

The nominal size of the end of the spindle according to GOST 12595


Spindle speed limits

10-3000 min-1

Circular spindle feed (C axis):

- maximum speed

25 min-1

- maximum torque

800 Nm

The largest diameter of the bar passing through the spindle

89 mm.

Number of tool head positions


Drive power

6.2 kW

Tool speed (maximum)

5000 min-1

The greatest height of the cutter installed in the tool holder

32 mm.

Number of calipers

1 pcs.

Number of coordinate axes controlled


Maximum caliper travel:

- along the X axis;

415 mm.

- Z-axis

2050 mm.

Discreteness of the displacement task:

- along the X axis;

1 µm.

- Z-axis

1 µm.

Caliper working feed limits:

- along the X axis;

10…2500 mm/min

- Z-axis

20…5000 mm/min

The speed of fast movements of the caliper:

- along the X axis;

25 m/min

- Z-axis

25 m/min

Linear Positioning Accuracy

- along the X axis;

5 µm.

- Z-axis

10 µm.

- along the C axis


Maximum torque on the spindle

1100 Nm

Max caliper pulling force:

- along the X axis;

16000 H

- Z-axis

20000 H

Maximum clamping force of the quill, (hydraulic at a pressure of 4 MPa)

21000 H

Main drive power (S1 mode)

28 kW

Machine length without chip conveyor

5725 mm.

Machine length with chip conveyor

7055 mm.

Machine width (without console)

2500 mm.

Type of supply current

variable three-phase

Mains frequency

50 Hz

Supply voltage

380 B

Voltage in control and alarm circuits

110; 24 B

Local lighting circuit voltage

24 В


16380 kg


7055 mm


2500 mm


2475 mm

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