Automatic line LM1591


The automatic line LM1591 is designed for processing pump rods with a rod body diameter: 3/4″,  7/8″,  1″ and rod lengths of 7.62 m, 8 m and 9.14 m.

The line consists of ten one-sided double-spindle machines, a workpiece accumulator, a step conveyor that allows you to move the rods both in the longitudinal and transverse directions, and an unloading mechanism. Two-spindle machines that perform machining of parts consist of a rigid cast-iron base, two power tables on which spindle headstocks are installed.

Line technology:

  • at the first operation, from 2 sides of the pump rod, the thrust shoulder is turned, the chamfers on the shoulder, and the nipple is pre-turned.
  • in the second operation, the end of the nipple and the chamfer of the nipple for threading are trimmed, and the threaded groove is sharpened.
  • in the third operation, the threaded surface is knurled.
  • The fourth operation is thread rolling.
  • in the fifth operation, caps are pressed in to protect the threads.

The line is fully automated.

Technical specifications:


pumping rod

Operations in progress

Rough turning, fine turning, cutting, rolling, thread rolling, pressing on protective caps

Cycle time

28.4(¾");30.9(⅞"); 35.1(1″) sec.

Number of spindles

16 pcs.

Number of positions

12 pcs.

Number of workpieces per cycle

2 pcs.


- nominal (at 100% usage)

253(¾"); 233(⅞"); 205(1″) pcs/hour

- design

177(¾"); 163 (⅞"); 144(1")

Service life before the first overhaul

12 years

Resource for accuracy to the first medium repair

11 thousand hours

Technical utilization factor

0.8 kti

Total utilization factor (design)

0,7 Ко

Loading-unloading method


Workpiece clamp


Chip cleaning method


Coolant consumption

400 l/min

Number of electric motors

130 pcs.

Installed capacity

372.14 kW

Control system


Hydraulic data:

- pressure

5…6 МПа

- capacity of hydraulic tanks

3930 l.

Technical water data:

- pressure

0,2 МПа

- consumption

1980 l/h

Pneumatic data:

- pressure

0,4 МПа

- consumption

200 m3/hour

Noise characteristics do not exceed

80 dBA


175 000 kg


23 650 mm


21 300 mm


2 800 mm

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