Golovchenko spoke about the formation of an interstate machine tool cluster

    September 22, Kazan / Corr. BELTA/. Prime Minister of Belarus Roman Golovchenko spoke about the formation of an interstate machine-tool cluster, BELTA has learned.

    “Machine tool building is now a very important area. We are well aware that the development of the manufacturing industry is impossible without a modern machine park. Now we see once again how the right decision was to preserve the domestic machine tool industry. And right now there is such a high demand on Belarusian metalworking machines. But the key task now is to quickly master the production of new types of machine tools, new types of machining centers, and here it will be very difficult for one manufacturer, developer. Therefore, we talked with our Russian colleagues about the need to form such, probably, an interstate machine-tool cluster with some measures of state support,” said Roman Golovchenko.

    According to him, this sphere should explode very quickly. “It is at the intersection of mechanical engineering and computing technologies, IT technologies, because modern machining centers, of course, are stuffed with modern electronics. Therefore, taking into account the fact that, for example, Bashkortostan has competencies in the certification of machine tools, so far the only one in Russia has been created there the center for certification of machine tools is also very important. Here, enterprises of Tatarstan, the defense sector of the economy and the civil sector, of course, are very large consumers of machine tools, including those manufactured in Belarus. Therefore, there is also great interest in this area,” the Prime Minister noted .

    New projects are also being developed in the petrochemical industry. “In general, deliveries of raw materials and semi-finished products from Tatarstan to Belarus are very active. We agreed to make them planned, stable and profitable in terms of pricing. Because right now, when many enterprises are working at full capacity, two-shift, it is very important to maintain rhythm and uninterrupted supply of all the main components to the conveyors. We also talked a lot about this, coordinated all these mutual plans,” Roman Golovchenko added.

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